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Washington Wild Shoot & Score Club

By WWFHA Staff Writer, 10/26/15, 1:00PM PDT


Earn awards during the season!

In-Season Shooting

Join your teammates to improve your shooting skills by participating in the Washington Wild Shoot and Score Club competition during the 2015-2016 season!

Monthly Goals by Team/Age

  1. 19U Rep, 19U and 14U Rep players: 1500 shots per month

  2. 14U and 12U players: 750 shots per month

  3. 10U/U8/U6: 250 shots per month


  1. For all current WWFHA members on a WWFHA team in 2015 - 2016

  2. You must track your shots (or shots on you if you are a goalie) and hand in your log to earn the Washington Wild Shoot & Score Club Award (or ‘Shoot and Save Club’ for goalies):

  3. Your parents must initial each day you shoot pucks

  4. Keep your logs and return at the end of the month (November – March) to (scan and email)

  5. Awards will be given once log is verified

Make Tracking Easier

  1. Set a goal for daily shot totals

  2. Set a regular time of day to shoot, and stick with that time

  3. Shooting with friends is more fun!

  4. Have a dedicated place to shoot off-ice; use a net or even hang a tarp to shoot against

  5. Use an even number of pucks to make tallying easier

  6. Know that you can take 100 shots with 20 pucks in about 20 minutes

Download PDF for Shot Ideas, Locations and Tracking Log

Download the PDF for ideas and the tracking log.

Submit you Montly Log

Submit your log at the end of each month (starting in November through March) to (scan and email)