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WWFHA presents... the Kelly Stephens Tysland Shoot and Score Club!

By WWFHA Staff Writer, 05/29/15, 8:45PM PDT


Former Olympian Kelly Stephens Tysland, 2006 Olympic Bronze Medalist, asks WWFHA Washington Wild players and goalies to join her club!

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 “If a player can work hard, play with their head up and score, then we are interested; however, we have many great players that are skilled and work their tail off, but struggle to finish. We need players who can just flat out score."

– Richard Reichenbach, University of Maine Head Coach


  • The Monthly Shooting GOAL: Shoot 100 pucks/day for 5 days = 500/wk for 1 Month = 2,000!
  • The Grand Shooting GOAL: Thirteen weeks from June 1 – August 31 = 6,500 Shots!


  1. For all current WWFHA members and those planning on playing for a WWFHA team in 2015 - 2016

  2. You must track your shots (or shots on you if you are a goalie) and hand in your log to earn one of the two Kelly Stephens Tysland Shoot & Score Club Awards (or ‘Shoot and Save Club’ for goalies):

    1. President’s Monthly Award – You must reach 2,000 shots in 1 month to receive this award. You can get up to 3 awards for the months of June, July and August!

    2. Kelly Stephens Tysland Grand Award – You must reach 6,500 shots between June 1 and August 31 to earn the Kelly Stephens Tysland Grand prize award!

  3. Your parents must initial each day you shoot pucks – on or off ice

  4. Keep your logs and return the completed sheets to a WWFHA coach or board member the week of August 31 – September 4, 2015

  5. Awards will be presented at the Washington Wild Season Kick-Off Event!


  1. Set a goal for daily shot totals
  2. Set a regular time of day to shoot, and stick with that time (in the late afternoon is a great time to blow off steam after the day!)
  3. Shooting with friends is more fun!
  4. Have a dedicated place to shoot, especially off-ice; use a net or even hang a tarp to shoot against
  5. Consider shooting on ice at Highland’s Stick and Puck sessions (ice fees apply):
    1.  Sundays: 4:30pm – 5:45pm
    2. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 6:00am – 9:00am
  6. Use an even number of pucks to make tallying easier
  7. Know that you can take 100 shots with 20 pucks in about 20 minutes


Beginners to intermediate players should focus on proper shot technique more than shot type. Focus on wrist shots, both forward & backwards, before moving on to snap & slap shots. Check in with a coach for proper technique. The following are suggestions to help you get started but focus on what is fun for you!

  • Week  1: Wrist Shots– low corners
  • Week 2: Wrist Shots – high corners
  • Week 3: Backhand Shots – low corners
  • Week 4: Backhand Shots – high corners
  • Week 5: Snap Shots – low corners
  • Week 6: Slap Shots – low corners
  • Week 7: Slap shots – mid to high corners
  • Week 8: Alternate shots, alternate lead foot, alternate targets on all shots
  • Week 9: Wrist Shots– low corners
  • Week 10: Wrist Shots – high corners
  • Week 11: Snap Shots – low corners
  • Week 12: Slap Shots – low corners
  • Week 13: Slap shots – mid to high  corners



Start in a semi-circle around net; close and move out.


Ages 10 and under

  • Focus on proper shot technique for basic shot types and repetition

Ages 11 - 13

  • Focus on proper shot technique for all shot types and repetition

  • Add a pre-shooting session to fatigue your arms to simulate shooting in game situations

Ages 14 and older

  • Ensure proper shot technique without thought

  • Add a pre- and post-shooting session to fatigue your arms to simulate shooting in game situations and work to strengthen arms

  • Advanced players practice more of the challenging shot of game situations: awkward angles and close in on the net (see below)


The following moves can help build strength – pushups, Burpees, planks & jump squats. Younger players may do 1 rep, while older players may choose to do multiple repetitions. Key: add strength.

If you have the basic shot form mastered & can shoot with proper technique without much thought, you can also challenge yourself by fatiguing your arms prior to your shooting session, and then again after the shooting session to add strength.

Kelly suggests the following moves to add strength and also fatigue your arms/legs/core prior to shooting:

  • Pushups: 10
  • Burbees: 10
  • Planks: hold for 30 sec
  • Jump squats: 10

Note: download and view the flyer to see proper technique of each move.


Download the flyer and print the log.

Copy the log and have your parent sign each session.

Copy the log sheet for multiple days/weeks; SUBMIT Shooting Logs 8/31-9/4, 2015 to a coach or Board Member


Kelly suggests for intermediate and advanced players the following shot variations (be creative!):

  • Scoring Close-Up:

    • Practice ‘shelving’ the puck in tight to the net (forehand and backhand), a common challenging scoring situation in games. Change angles of each tight-in shot.

  • Change Shooting Angles:

    • In general you should practice shooting at different angles to the net, even awkward angles.

    • Take a few shots at each location with a starting point of:

      1. facing the net,

      2. facing 45 degrees to the net,

      3. facing 90 degrees to the net,

      4. and with your back to the net.

With each shot where you are not directly facing the net, step or stride as quickly as you can to whip around to face the net while simultaneously shooting. This takes some practice to master so give yourself some time and work with a coach.