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Financial Aid Scholarships

Apply for Financial Aid / Scholarship

The Western Washington Female Hockey Association receives donations every season to enable our organization to provide a limited number of need based financial aid/scholarships to our female hockey players. Please take a look at the guidelines below to get started.

The majority of our financial aid applies to full time players on full time WWFHA teams. Please contact our Treasurer if you would like to apply for financial aid at other points throughout the season.


Application deadline: August 15 of the upcoming season. Later applications will be looked at as they arrive and a decision will be made based on order received and financial aid funds available.

Minimum income guidelines: WWFHA uses the Department of Housing and Urban Development Income Limits to set guidelines for need based financial aid. The current Median Family Income is at $108,600 for the Seattle - Bellevue Area for 2019. Family size plays a role in determining need as do a number of other factors not considered. Please consider submitting an application if your income exceeds the MFI and outline any extenuating circumstances.   

Financial Aid Forms and Information

Please send completed application and attachments to:

Western Washington Female Hockey Association
Attention: WWFHA Treasurer