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WWFHA's Try Hockey Events and Learn to Play Classes


Western Washington Female Hockey Association (WWFHA)'s offers starter programs for females who wish to learn to skate and play hockey, ages 4 to 14 years old at Highland Ice Arena - Shoreline.

WWFHA offers Girls' Try Hockey for Free Events periodically throughout the year. See session information in the sub-pages.

WWFHA also hosts 2 classes Learn To Play classes:

(1) Learn to Skate and Basic Hockey Skills

(2) Learn to Skate and Play Hockey

Session modules are based on USA Hockey's ADM model. Sessions can be taken over and over again until the player feels like she has mastered the basics, and before she is assigned to a team in the Fall of 2017.

WWFHA creates a supportive and positive girl-centric environment for learning the skills, techniques, systems and strategies of the female hockey game... in a fun and entertaining way! Come join us on the ice!


Attend a Girls' Try Hockey For Free event hosted by WWFHA! We want to see more girls on the ice enjoying the great game of ice hockey. Come and try it with us!

Check out the sub-pages for exact event dates!


WWFHA offers the following Beginner Class. Sign up at any time, as costs are pro-rated depending on the start date.

The next girls' ice hockey class is:

  • October 8 - Dec 17, 2017 - 9 week class - CLOSED
  • January 14 - April 8, 2018: 10 week class - CLOSED
  • April 22 - June 24, 2018:  - FULL

Gear Rental

WWFHA's hockey gear rental program reduces cost barriers to hockey by providing rental gear to players in Beginner/Learn to Play class so that you don't have to buy it until you are ready.

We rent gear while supplies last. If a specific size that you need isn't available, you will need to purchase or rent it elsewhere as our supplies are limited.

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"I took both of my daughters to watch the Washington Wild team even though my youngest was not very interested in hockey. Before the game we actually got her measured for figure skates, but once she saw all the girls playing she turned to me and said, "Dad is it too late to try hockey?”
Before that I had started my oldest daughter with co-ed hockey, and later we switched to all-girl hockey based on the recommendation of a coach and seeing the Wild play.
The very first Wild beginner practice was a bit rough for my youngest, as she had never skated before, but the Wild coaches were amazing with the first-time skaters – so encouraging, patient and helpful -- they specialized in helping girls that were on the ice for the first time. By the second practice she was feeling better and more comfortable and it was a different story -- she had a blast.  
I was even more impressed with how my oldest excelled in all-girl hockey. While she started with a co-ed program previously, she was a completely different skater than with the co-ed beginner program. She had more confidence, took it upon herself to get the puck, she skated faster forward and backwards, was swifter on her edges, and stopped a lot smoother. Playing with girls allowed her to have the confidence to get involved more, which resulted in her improving more quickly. I saw first-hand how participating in a girls’ beginner program can do so much more for female players.
Every week my girls progressed because they were surrounded by the Wild student coaches / mentors and adult coaches who created a very comfortable, yet challenging, environment for them. I truly feel that my youngest might not have continued without the Wild beginner coaches that focused on the needs of brand-new skaters and my oldest would not be as fast and confident as she is now. Your program helped my two girls fall in love with hockey. For that I am and will be forever grateful. Thank you."
Corey A. King 


Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Beginner's Director