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2017 - 2018 Preseason Details

By WWFHA Staff Writer, 06/28/17, 3:30PM PDT


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Washington Wild Rep Team Details

WWFHA Rep teams at the 19UAA, 19UA, 14UAA, 12UAA levels play in PCAHA. The teams’ practice schedules, game home sheets, and WWFHA Dues are posted on the website in each teams’ section. Xfinity Arena practice days and times will be added as soon as Spectrum Sports allocates their ice. Team Fund amounts will be announced in the coming months.

Click here to learn more about tryouts and to register.  (Team/Association registration will come after tryouts)

Click on the following team names to read each teams’ overview and access the sub-sections on the left-hand side to learn more about coaches, practice schedules, tournaments, costs and more.

Click here to register for tryouts. (Team/Association registration will come after the tryouts)

WWFHA League Details

WWFHA announces the new Western Washington Female Hockey League (WWFHL) for 12U/14U, 10U and 8U teams! Practice and game schedules and WWFHA Dues are posted on the website. Register today for the evaluation skate!

Click here to register for the evaluation skate.  (Team/Association registration will come after the Evaluation Skate)

WWFHA Travel Team Details

WWFHA Travel Tournament teams form from the 12U/14U, 10U and 8U age groups. Once a week practices (or every other week for 8u), are posted on the website in each teams’ section. Teams play an integrated PCAHA female exhibition schedule and tournaments on a monthly basis. WWFHA Dues are also listed on the website, and Team Fund amounts will be announced in the coming months (see ‘Ask WWFHA’ at the bottom of the newsletter to understand the difference between WWFHA Dues and Team Fund).

Click on the following team names to read each teams’ overview and access the sub-sections on the left-hand side to learn more about benefits, coaches, practice schedules, conditioning, tournaments, costs and more.


Mark your calendars! Placement skate evaluation schedule:

  • 12U/14U Team: Saturday September 16 – 5:00-6:00pm
  • 10U Teams: Sunday September 17 – 8:45-9:45am
  • 8U Teams: Sunday September 17 – 9:00-10:00am

Registration for the Travel Team Tryouts below:

Apply for Financial Aid / Scholarship

WWFHA provides a limited amount of financial aid from donations each season to help with WWFHA Dues. If you need assistance with WWFHA Dues, please visit this webpage, download the application and submit the forms to the WWFHA Treasurer.

Your privacy is important to us. Any personal financial information presented by you in this financial aid application process will be held in strictest confidence and will only be used for the purpose of the administration and assessment of your scholarship application.

Click here to download the application.

What is the difference between WWFHA Dues and the Team Fund?

Playing for the Washington Wild Rep, Travel or League teams involves a combination of costs.

To help you budget appropriately, this section outlines the costs and what they cover.

The three cost components are:

  1. WWFHA Dues - per player, paid to WWFHA
  2. Team Fund - split between all players; paid to team – not required by League Teams
  3. 'Soft' Costs - personal expenses

WWFHA Dues applies to each players’ portion of:

  • practice ice
  • game ice
  • referee fees
  • league fees
  • game jersey rentals
  • game socks
  • practice jerseys
  • helmet stickers
  • general association operating costs

All WWFHA Dues are paid online via the Sport Engine portal either in-full at time of registration, or via auto-debit on a monthly basis over 5 months (no checks/cash will be accepted starting this year). WWFHA offers financial aid for those in need of assistance to pay WWFHA Dues. Read the above article on the topic and click here to access the financial aid / scholarship forms.

The Team Fund for Rep and Travel teams covers team costs, which are split between all players, and include (there is no Team Fund for league teams):

  • Coaches' expenses
  • tournament fees
  • extra practice or game ice (exhibition game ice and ref fees)
  • team-decided extras (chocolate milk after games, year-end party, gifts, etc.)

The Team Fund is managed by each individual team by a volunteer Fund Manager/Treasurer with oversight by each family and the organization. Payments are made to the Team Fund Manager (not WWFHA). WWFHA does not provide financial aid/scholarships for assistance for the Team Fund; however, each team may choose to start their own assistance fund to help individual players. Contact the Team Fund Manager for more information.

It is wise to also budget for additional 'soft' costs that may be incurred over a season as personal expenses, such as:

  • required team apparel (for Rep teams only)
  • gas for travel to practices and games
  • travel to tournaments (gas, hotels, meals)
  • other travel expenses such flights, car rentals, hotels and meals (for Rep teams only).

If you have questions please email WWFHA!